Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Topping Pro - Home Screen Wallpaper Background Lock Screen Icon Skin Awesome Theme Maker App for iPhone 44.4 MB ipa


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Finally, the world's best application for wallpapers on iPhone is released!!!

You can make your own home screen by not only choosing wallpapers but "Topping" with cute and unique character designs.

Above all, "Topping" Application is so easy to use!!!

Just put the"Topping"s which you chose on a wallpaper and drag some "Topping"s which can be expanded where your finger moves.

Of course, Retina display can absolutely be supported.

We're going to add more wallpapers and "Topping"s with your encouragements and compliments. =)

??? Features :

- Elaborate and well designed wallpapers by a professional visual designer.

- Various and unique "Topping"s to decorate your own wallpapers.

- Expandable "Topping"s to make a grouping within the wallpaper.

- Easy and intuitive UI: Just shake your iPhone to reset all the "Topping"s.

- Absolute support for iPhone 4, Retina display

- Endless customization possibilities

- Never stop fabulous updating

??? How to Use :

1st step: Select one of offered wallpapers. (or your photos)

2nd step: Select one of offered toppings. After, you can choose several different toppings for the wallpaper.

3rd step: Put a chosen topping or drag it on the wallpaper.

4th step: Tap the [Preview] button and check your design.

5th step: Tap the [Save] button and then, the one is saved in your photo album.

6th step: Access to Photo Album, find the wallpaper you just designed and then, set it as Wallpaper or Home screen.

??? The Ranking!

Korea, Top #1 - Feb 23, 2011

Taiwan, Top #1 - Feb 19, 2011

China, Top #2 - Jan 20, 2011

France, Top #8 - Feb 18, 2011

Italia, Top #11 - Jan 20, 2011

New Zealand, Top #8 - Mar 7, 2011

United Kingdom, Top #28 - Feb 22, 2011

Norway, Top #24 - Feb 27, 2011

Australia, Top #29 - Mar 4, 2011

United States, Top #27 - Apr 17, 2011

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What's New in Version 2.1

Christmas is almost here!!! :)

- Add more backgrounds

- iOS 5 compatible